Do you feel an imbalance in your body, mind, or soul? Do you feel emotional and energetic blockages in your body? Are you experiencing stress and tension in your body? Reiki can help.

Reiki healing is an ancient way to activate and harmonise our natural life energy. It is a complementary therapy used to balance the energy fields in and around the body. This is done through placing hands lightly on or near your body. The Reiki energy is passed on during meditative stillness to assist you in fully activating your own self-healing power.

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    Bringing Balance

    Reiki is energetic nourishment promoting relaxation, detoxification, and a good overall balance between body, mind, and soul. It can help you to feel relaxed, relieving emotional stress and tension and improving overall wellbeing.

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    The Chakras

    The chakras mediate all energy within. They are interconnected through a network of energy channels. The sites of the seven main chakras correspond to the sites of the main glands forming the endocrine system which produces the hormones in the body.  During a Reiki treatment we focus on the seven main chakras. You can state the specific areas of your body you would like to treat.

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    Relaxed and Comfortable

    At the start of the treatment, a quiet, comfortable and soothing environment will be created for you using essential oils. The treatment will begin with aura cleansing. During a Reiki treatment you can sit in a chair or lie on a treatment bed.  It is best to wear comfortable clothing. You will take off your shoes, any watches and chunky jewellery. You can be covered in a light blanket to aid you in feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. You may have emotions and memories rise up during treatment. You may find you are so relaxed that you fall asleep. This is all part of the process of the body bringing itself back into balance. After a Reiki session, it is advisable to rest for a while to ensure the maximum benefits of the treatment.

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    Distant Reiki Healing

    Reiki can be sent through distance healing so it can be received remotely wherever you are. Distance healing is the process of making Reiki available across space and time. It can also be sent to multiple receivers in one go. Crystals can be charged with Reiki and pets can also sense the healing qualities of Reiki.

    If you would like to experience the healing benefits of Reiki please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can book a complimentary call to explore the areas where you would like to receive treatment.

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