Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Do you have bad habits you want to break? Keep finding yourself in the same negative situations? Repeating unwanted behaviours that you are struggling to shift? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) enables you to question these behaviours so you can get into the habit of breaking bad habits.

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    Thought Processes & Behaviours

    Awareness of the relationship between our thought processes and behaviours is key to dissolving bad habits. The goal of CBT is to explore your mental routines so that you can break free from conditioned thought patterns.

    These thoughts patterns might be the unhealthy beliefs where we place demands on ourselves that we ‘must’, ‘should’ or ‘ought’
    to do or be. It could be where we are self-damning ‘I am a failure’ or ‘I am not good enough’.

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    Early Life Our Beliefs Are Formed

    In early life, we build our cognitive thought processes as our beliefs are formed. The belief system we create can contain thoughts that are irrational and negative.

    Sometimes our thoughts can distort or reflect the reality of the situation in an inaccurate way which can lead to difficulties. This can lead to us reacting negatively and feeling emotionally out of control or vulnerable. We can also find ourselves repeating unhealthy patterns of behaviour and not understand why.

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    Powerful Effects

    The pivotal idea for CBT is that our thoughts are the messenger between the external world and the emotions we experience. This means a different thought can create a more balanced emotional reaction. Changing your negative thinking patterns can have a powerful positive effect on your emotions. CBT helps you learn how to make these changes.

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    Are You Ready For Change?

    If you want something to change then starting a course of action will begin the process.

    Through CBT we can work together and focus on you developing the specific skills you need to harness your internal resources.

    This means you will learn how to make and maintain the positive changes you wish to see. You can learn how to overcome your current emotional and behavioural challenges. You can break bad habits and build healthy new habits.

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    CBT helps you learn how to change negative thinking patterns enabling a positive effect on your emotions.

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