Play Therapy

Has your child experienced a traumatic event?

Is your child struggling with behaviour issues?

Does your child struggle to regulate their emotions?

Play Therapy can help.

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    Play Therapy Can Help

    Play Therapy is a form of therapy used primarily for children as they are not as easily able to process their emotions and articulate them in the way that adults can. Through play therapy with me your child’s problems with unresolved trauma and emotions can be explored. In this way they are seen and heard. Through play therapy with me your child is free to act out their inner feelings and deepest fear, emotions and wounds. Play Therapy with me is a nondirective approach. Your child is free to play in their own way with few instructions whilst I observe and participate as appropriate entering the emotional world of your child.

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    Express their experiences

    Toys can represent a greater meaning of what children present during play therapy. Over a course of sessions, themes emerge in children’s play giving insight into the child’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, and interpretations of their world. New coping mechanisms can be learnt, and they can be supported in redirecting inappropriate behaviours.

    In the first stages, the therapeutic relationship is built. This enables your child to feel free to express as a result of the trust and acceptance they experience. They feel valued and are also aware of boundaries. Limits are set to help the child learn their responsibility and self-control. It is done in a way that validates your child’s feelings, communicates the limit, and gives them alternatives.

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    Empowering Your Child

    Children will gain an awareness of their responsibility in the relationship and be empowered to solve their problems at their own pace through a medium that is comfortable where they feel safe and protected. The therapeutic relationship is based on the respect for your child and confidence in their ability to direct their own process.

    At this self-awareness stage your child will be given vocabulary for their feelings. Your child will feel understood and validated. Processing the issues occurs through the symbols and metaphor of toys and play. In this safe and protected environment, children can communicate their inner experiences, worries, conflicts, and needs. The toys provide enough distance and safety from their own feelings and reactions, whilst the challenges your child experiences can still be processed.

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    Not Just For Children

    Play is not just for children. Adults can also benefit from play therapy. Play for adults can complement other therapies and involves working creatively in a nondirective way. Working creatively can help you relax and unwind from the stresses of life, reveal hidden traumas and promote healing.

    Please do get in touch if your child is in need of support. You can book a complimentary call where we can explore the areas that play therapy can best help.

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