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Integrative Counselling

We are all different. There are many different parts of us that function differently. Integrative Therapy responds to this and allows for different techniques to be tailored to your individual needs and personal circumstances. Integrative therapy supports the different parts of you in an all-round approach to enable you to function wholly at your full potential.

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Exploring the root cause


Many have misconceived of hypnosis. Some think that a person is kept permanently in a trance and can be made to do anything they wouldn’t normally do. In fact, on a simple level; hypnosis is a natural relaxed state. In this world we live in, think how positive it would be to have a less stressed, more peaceful, healthier you.

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Reiki is energetic nourishment promoting relaxation, detoxification and a good overall balance between body, mind and soul. It can help you to feel relaxed, relieving emotional stress and tension and improving overall wellbeing.

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