I offer a range of therapeutic services to suit your needs enabling a calm and relaxing space for you to release your worries safely, process what troubles you, and manage a better balance.

See below for the therapy services provided.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to make contact. I am always happy to help.

Mug to represent talking to someone


CBT helps you learn how to change negative thinking patterns enabling a positive effect on your emotions.

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Hypnotherapy represented by a tree with deep roots


Hypnotherapy allows the therapist to explore the needs of the client's subconscious mind through providing suggestions that help re-program the mind's thought process and behaviour.

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Play therapy represented by a picture of children playing amongst bubbles

Play Therapy

Play therapy enables the client to be free to act out their inner feelings and deepest fear, emotions and wounds using symbols and metaphors at a safe distance.

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Integrated Therapy

Integrative Counselling

Integrative therapy supports the different parts of you in an all-round approach to enable you to function wholly at your full potential.

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Reiki Therapy


Reiki is a complimentary therapy enabling energetic nourishment, promoting relaxation, detoxification and good overall well-being.

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Buy gift vouchers, mediations and more on our e-commerce store

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